A day in the life of an Archaeologist

danumprobus I am an archaeologist and historian. I grew up in York and became very interested in the history of that city. I love looking at old maps and seeing how the area has changed, and which historical gems still survive. I started working in archaeology on an excavation in York in the mid 1980’s, […]

A Snappers life – Jun-03-2024

danumprobus I was a professional newspaper photographer for over 35 years, three decades of which were spent in Blackpool. During this time I amassed a wide variety of anecdotes and stories relating to the celebrities, crazy characters and rather dicey situations I found myself in! I have now collated these and created a 50 minute […]

Speaker on Monday, 7th November, 2022

danumprobus Chris Helme gave a very interesting and amusing illustrated presentation on “Christmas Memories from Past.” We have heard Chris before when he visited us in 2021 and gave a talk about ‘holidays in the past.’ His presentation leading up to the forthcoming Christmas period was enjoyed by all with 40 members of Danum Probus […]

Speaker on Monday, 21 November, 2022

danumprobus The Karen of Burma and the Burmese Oppression Illustrated talk by Carol Brooks The civil war in Burma has been continuous since the late 1940s and the Karen people have suffered at the hands of it over all these years. Yet they remain a positive, generous, hospitable and loving people who simply want the […]

A Tibetan Journey

danumprobus On Monday 3 October the Danum Probus Group met at Doncaster Sports Club to listen to a presentation by Alan Clements. His subject was “A Tibetan Journey”. Alan is now a retired businessman who has had a strong interest in Tibet for many years. A Buddhist for more than 30 years, Alan has taken […]

Danum Probus Club visiting speaker

danumprobus Eric Farthing visited Danum Probus Club on the 21st March, and gave an excellent presentation entitled ” Hitler’s British Family Connections.” We will have the pleasure of hearing Eric again in June 2023 when his talk will be “British SS Men who fought for Hitler.”

Visiting Speaker – Roy Gunson

John Hope Roy Gunson visited Danum Probus Club on Monday, 4th April, 2022 and gave a fascinating and excellent presentation, “Venus Earth’s evil twin.” We look forward to seeing Roy again in June, 2023 when he will talk on another subject, “The Bandit King of Brazil.”

Adolf Hitler and his family

On Monday 21 March our guest was Eric Farthing who has extensive knowledge of the personal life of Adolf Hitler and his family. This talk featured Hitler’s British relations. Hitler’s uncle and his family emigrated to England when Hitler was still quite young and was apparently proud of him from a distance as he rose […]