Speaker on Monday, 21 November, 2022



The Karen of Burma and the Burmese Oppression

Illustrated talk by Carol Brooks

The civil war in Burma has been continuous since the late 1940s and the Karen people have suffered at the hands of it over all these years. Yet they remain a positive, generous, hospitable and loving people who simply want the freedom to live their own way, under their own rule in their beloved land.

The talk will cover both the history and current situation in Burma and show lots of great pictures of the people Carol loves so much.

She has been working with Karen Refugees since they stole her heart on her first visit in 2005.  She has been back to Thailand and Burma seven times since then and has been involved with two charities to support them.  She is currently a trustee for All4Burma. 

In other parts of her life Carol has worked as an Operations manager for Libraries for 38 years and was an Officer in the TA for 27.  She was part of the Kosovo NATO peace mission in 1999 where she was also stunned by the needs of the Roma refugees.  She now runs her own training company and works as a volunteer for All4Burma and another local charity.

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